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Equine BIO Genie Water Treatment prevents the growth of bacteria, algae and bio-film in water troughs and any other water source or container with no chemical residue.

For best results, clean the trough out for the last time and add 100ml for every 100 litres of water…add approx every 3 weeks for a pure water source that will not need cleaning again.

Kills legionella, strangles and all other water-borne bacteria, fungi and algae.

If used every 2-3 weeks (100 ml) it will prevent your water from turning green for less than 50p / week.

Oxygenates the water, leaves no chemical residue.

Neutralises the presence and taste of chlorine found in mains water.

Leaves the water cleaner, more pure and healthier.

Organic compliant, 100% sustainable and eco-friendly.

Saves time, man hours and spread of disease.

Bio Genie Water treatment

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