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A unique combination of Natural Herbal ingredients - blended to create a powerful Antiseptic Wash that cleans and sterilises the affected area, and has a soothing action on the skin.

🌿Botanica’s Herbal System works to promote healthy cell growth and complete recovery without scarring.

🌿This wash cleanses and purifies the area whilst removing dirt and scabbing that may have formed on the skin. It allows the area to aerate, but also allows any infection present to drain out. 

Can be used on broken skin and insect bites.


How to Use: Shake the bottle well before use. Dilute two capfuls of Botanica Cleansing wash in approx two Litres of warm water. Bathe the area with a soft cloth or sponge. Let the solution soak into the skin and towel dry the area.

After using the Botanica Cleansing Wash, apply the Botanica Herbal cream twice daily.

Botanica Cleansing Wash

  • Apply as per instructions found on label.

    Store in a cool, dry area ansd reseal the lid securely. 

  • If you are unhappy with this product in anyway, please contact us directly.

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