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From the LPC Hoofcare collection, Pedisouple is 100% natural and intended to protect and provide flexibility and strength to the horses hoof. This hoof moisturiser helps to maintain elasticity in the horn of the hoof. The hoof is a complex shock-absorbing system that plays a key role in all movements. Routine daily maintenance is essential to keep hooves in good condition. Ideal to use during dry weather or for horses who are stabled daily to keep the hoof from drying out. Easy to use, brush on to a clean, dry, hoof daily. Can be used alongside Pedinoir which acts as a waterproof barrier.


Properties of this horse ointment.

It’s 100% natural formula provides:

🌟 Nourishes and Hydrates the horn, thanks to the essential oil of bay laurel, known for its nourishing and moisturising power on the horn

🌟Healing thanks to Cade oil, with antiseptic and healing properties

🌟 Regeneration from Vitamin A, which promotes cell multiplication.


 Capacity: 1 Litre 


*FEI Approved

VAT Included*


SKU: 126351351935
  • Apply as per instructions.

    Store in a cool, dry area ansd reseal the lid securely. 

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