This product from the LPC laboratory collection is intended to be supplemented to compensate for the loss of electrolytes in horses following heavy sweating.


Quick-Lyte is an ultra concentrated formula of electrolytes and magnesium to rapidly re-hydrate and replace what is lost during sweating caused by exercising, excessive sweating, in hot climate conditions or under stressful situations. This helps to ensure proper muscle function and enhanced recovery from fatigue in order to restore the horse to its full physical capability!

Source of concentrated electrolytes containing magnesium which is essential for otimal fucntion of the horse's muscles and nervous system. also, provisdes some sugars as a source of energy. 

Can be used after various situations such as;

  • After training and competing
  • *During a stressful situation e.g travelling
  •  In hot climate conditions (rise in temperatures during the summer season)


Available capacity: 1Kg bucket. Powder presentation.


**FEI Safe**



(Dose amount according to temperature)
Average effort, moderate sweating, transport  (or in the case of an elderly horse during high heat):
- Ambient temperature <25 ° C: 25 g.
- Ambient temperature> 25 ° C: 50 g.

Significant effort and sweating  (eventing, hill work, intense fast work ..):
- Ambient temperature <25 ° C: 50 g
- Ambient temperature> 25 ° C: 50 to 75 g

Very significant effort and sweating  (150 km endurance test, running):
- Ambient temperature <25 ° C:  50 to 75 g
- Ambient temperature> 25 ° C: 100 to 150 g



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  • Apply as per instructions.

    Store in a cool, dry area ansd reseal the lid securely. 

    Precautions for use: Quick Lyte does not contain doping substances. Always leave free access to water. Formulated for equines ONLY.