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Top Horse Sea Gold is a 100% Naturally Organic Seaweed Meal supplement manufactured in Ireland and sourced by Allen Nutrition. It is suitable to feed to all types of horses, of any age.

The Benefits;

▪️Sea Gold contains over 60 naturally occurring trace elements, and vitamins and minerals in chelated form (improves absorption).

▪️Source of amino acids, the basic component of proteins. Many of these amino acids cannot be made in the animal system and need to be sourced through plant consumption.

▪️When feeding below the recommended rate of concentrate feed, SeaGold can provide a source of vitamins and minerals for the diet.

▪️Supports health and vitality along with promoting strong hooves.

▪️Naturally high in Iodine - useful to feed as an iodine supplement when there is a demonstrated iodine deficiency.

▪️Caution should be taken if supplementing Seaweed Meal with grass or forage that contains high levels of iodine. Instructions for use; Horses in work: 100g-160g /day Capacity available: 1.5Kg & 4.5Kg

Sea Gold

SKU: 1101
  • Feed as per instructions.

    Caution is advised when feeding alongside other supplements to avoid over-supplementation.

    Store in a cool, dry area and reseal the lid securely.

  • If you are dissatisfied with any of our products, please contact us directly. 

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