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A comprehensive feed mineral balancer designed to be fed to all types of horses. From performance to racing, breeding to the leisure horse, this balancer can be fed at different feeding rates according to your horses needs. Newly designed Top Horse Balancer, a versatile feed is specifically formulated to be fed at low intake. Top Horse Balancer provides a low calorie, densely concentrated source of essential vitamins, minerals, and chelated amino acids, whilst also including additional beneficial ingredients such as yeast and prebiotics. A balancer is useful when you want your horse to meet its everyday nutrient needs without the additional starch and undesired extra calories.Contains full range of Major elements especially Phosphurus and Calcium.Trace elements- such as Iron is primarily responsible for oxygen transport in the blood and muscles and plays an important role in the immune system (a large percentage of iron is located in the macrophages (large white blood cells)).Chelated trace elements; Zinc, Copper and Maganese Seleno Yeast for boosting cell integrity.Vitamins including E, A, D3, B6 and Biotin for better hoof condition. Probiotics for better digestion and herbal ingredients to boost your horse's over health and well-being.Multiple use; * Can be fed on its own* As a top-dress on a concentrate feed * Combined with straights (e.g oats) * For a horse who is a good doer, this helps with calorie control.

Top Horse Balancer

  • Adult horses: 200-250g  per head/day

    Young Horses and Ponies: 100-150g  per head/day

    (40g/100kg liveweight)

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